The Ritz

The Ritz

March 9 – April 14, 1984

Production Staff

Producer Lynn E. Lazzara
Director Ronald J. Platt
Musical Director Dottie Martin
Live Recording Stan Pearlman
Stage Manager Lois Altschul
Set Design Ronald J. Platt
Lighting Design Tom Wolke
Master Builder Jos Cohen
Set Construction Coordinator Ernie Lazzara
Assistant to the Producer Margaret Yager
Assistants to the Stage Manager Jill Kutler, Janice Goldstein, Steffie Kaplan
Set Construction Ron Schapow, David White, Neil Stempel, Chip Hoever and the Villagers
Scenic Painting David White
Set Dressing Henrietta Napear
Lighting and Sound Steffie Kaplan, Audrey Moore, Caprice Cosgrove, Phil Pennino
Head Costumer Ann Fr
Assistant Costumers Mary Lawrence, David White
Wigs and Hair Styling Don Olah
Choreography Liz Cxxxas-Crilley, Nick Pelino, Gerard Lebeda
Program Coordinators Lynn and Vivian Lazzara
House Manager Mary Henning
Box Office Vivian Lazzara


The Cast

Abe Louis Emanuel
Chaps Larry Klein
Strawberry Tom Lynch
Claude Perkins Allan Marain
Gaetano Proclo Richard A. Blake, John Graf, Jr.
Chris Keith Bonney-Andrews
Michael Brick David Hummel
Googie Gomez Liz Cabezas-Crilley
Maurine Debi Jenkins
Tiger Nick Pelino
Duff Gerard P. Lebeda
Sheldon Phil Hochman
Curley David M. White
Drac Chip Hoever
Carmine Vespucci JC Morris
Policeman Chip Hoever


The Orchestra

Saxaphone Kurt Labbe
Drums Lynn Lazzara
Piano Dottie Martin


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