The Mystery of Edwin Drood

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

November 6 – December 13, 1992

Production Staff

Producer Jeff Dworkin, Ina Wichansky
Director Barbara Mann Stuart
Musical Director Mark McGee
Vocal Director Lianne McCartney
Choreographer Tracey Fama, Barbara Mann Stuart
Lighting Design Joe Ondre, Jr.
Scenic Design Gordon Danieli
Costume Design Camille Cusimano
Sound Design Jon Ballek
Stage Manager Beth Schroeder
Assistant to the Lighting Designer Scott Kincel
Backstage Crew Sue Albers, Jim Hairdson, Scott Hill, Rosie Myres, Beth Schroeder
Carpenters Gordon Danieli, John Drenga, Jeff Dworkin, Jim Hardison, Scott Hill, Scott Kincel, Scott Miller, Gary Wichansky, Howard Wichansky
Costume Assistants Sonya DiTolvo, Annmarie Matseur, Carolyn McCaffrey, Jaon Tietjen
Cover Art Jim Calafiore
Follow Spot Operators Rosie Myres, Sarah Simons
Hair Stylist Nance
Lighting Technician Dot Steffen
Master Carpenter Gordon Danieli
Program E. Michael McCaughey, Jackie McCausland, Anne Welby
Props Pat MacKinnon
Set Painters Ann Danieli, Gordon Danieli, Beberly Gorelick, Jessica Gorelick, Mary henning, Scott Hill, Scott Miller, Jason DeMarco, John Demarco, Barbara Stuart


The Cast

Mr. Thoms Purcell, Maestro of The Music Hall Royale Orchestra Mark McGee
Mr. William Cartwright, Your Chairman Bob Gargiullo
Mr. James Throttle, Stage Manager Steven J. Murin, Jr.
John Jasper/Mr. Clive paget Patrick Andrae
Edwin Drood/Miss Alice Nitting Tracey Fama
Rosa Bud/Miss Deidre Peregrine Janice Mazza
Helena Landless/Miss Janet Conover Catherine Rowe
Neville Landless/Mr. Victor Grinstead Tony Correia
The Reverend Mr. Crisparkle/ Mr Cedric Moncrieffe Michael Spaventa
The Princess Puffer/Miss Angela Prysock Kathy Monaghan
Mayor Thomas Sapsea Steven J. Murin, Jr.
Durdles/Mr. Nick Cricker Jeff Dworkin
Deputy/Master Nick Cricker Steve Sizer
Flo/Miss Florence Gill Amy Avallone
Shade of Drood Tracey Fama
Shade of Jasper Steven J. Murin, Jr.
Shade of Rosa Lori Anne Mihlon
Waiter/Mr. Phillip Bax Russell MacKinnon
Horace/Mrs. Montague Pruitt Michael Salzano
Bazzard Russell MacKinnon
Citizens of Cloisterham  
Miss Violet Balfour Lori Anne Mihlon
Miss Sarah Cook Laura W. Andruski
Miss Maggie Fallingshire Jill Alpert
Miss Florence Gill Amy Avallone
Mr. Medford Moss Jay Rollins
Miss Isabel Pritchard Nancy Wing
Mr. Montague Pruitt Michael Salzano
Miss Gwendolyn Pynn Nancy Helene Quinlan


The Orchestra

Conductor/Piano Mark McGee
Flute/Piccolo/Clarinet Terri Anastasi
Obo/English Horn Helen Ackley
Trumpet Michael Green
Trombone Marie DiPasquale
Bass Steve Passierb
Percussion Sheryl Caswell


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