The Miss Firecracker Contest

The Miss Firecracker Contest

February 21 –March 22, 1986

Production Staff

Producer Iris Green
Director Marc Weinblatt
Lighting Design David Wm. Price, M.D.
Set Design Larry C. Budnick
Costume Design Camille Cusimano
Stage Manager Lori Kaplan
Prop Master Mary Henning
Set Crew John Proctor, Steven Levine
Set Construction Ron Rhodes, Eve Kochen, John May, Jim Smith, Peter Crimi, Steven Levine
Set Dressing Lois Altschul
Sound Design Marc Weinblat
Choreography Mary Brienza
Hair Stylist Roseann Juliano
Program Nancy Cartwright


The Cast

Carnelle Scott Jennifer Smith
Popeye Jackson Chrissy Lucash
Elaine Rutledge Linda Silverman Levine
Delmount Williams Carl J. Russon, Jr.
Mac Sam David Soltero
Tessy Mahoney Kathryn Packer



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