The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

By Barbara Robinson

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

December 10-18, 2011

 Produced by Paul Carver, Jaime Moritz

Directed by Ana Kalet

Musically Directed by  Francois Suhr

In this hilarious holiday story, the two directors of the Christmas pageant at the local church are struggling with all the little complications of this annual production. But, this year, they have a new, and much bigger problem—finding parts in the pageant for the horrible Herdman kids—possibly the most creatively maniacal and totally dreadful group of siblings in history. These kids are a pack of lying, stealing, cussing, cigar smoking terrors…the boys, too! The last place anyone expected to see them was in church. But you will want to see them. And you won’t want to miss the mayhem—and the fun!—for there will be no silent night when the uncontrollable, unholy Herdmans drop like a ton of yule logs on the once peaceful story of Christmas!
General Admission – All tickets $10
Saturday December 10th at 12NOON and 3:00PM.
Sunday December 11th at 12NOON and 3:00PM.
Saturday December 17th at 12Noon.
Sunday December 18th at 12Noon and 3:00PM.
Reservations can be made via this web site under ‘Tickets’,
e-mail or call 732-873-2710
Group Rates available upon request.

Angel Choir/Juanita Lyra Koncsol
Shepheard Chris Blum
Grace Keri Krawski
Gladys Emily Krawski
Angel Choir Abby Pollard
Angel Choir Becky Pollard
Mrs. Slocum Margaret Blood
Leroy Patrick Blood
Angel Choir Lindsey Kazar
Mrs. Clausing Elizabeth Shulz
Angel Choir Darcy Schulz
Angel Choir Shannon Schulz
Imogene Kate Monchacz
Alice Emily Demouth
David /Shepheard Brandon Luckenbaugh
Hobie/Shepheard Jack Puluka
Rev Hopkins Thaddeus Nieduzak
Raph Zenon Nieduzak
Ollie Zarek Nieduzak
Claude? Tymon Nieduzah
Maxine Zoe Walsh
Elmer/Shepheard Joey Kalet
Beth Camryn Hadley
Angel Choir Megan Lyttle
Mrs. Clark Donna Malcolm
Charley/Shepheard Andrew Merciurio
Mrs. McCarthy Michele LarMoore
Father David Learn
Beverly/Angel Choir Eowyn Learn
Angel Choir/Shirley Maura Canavan
Mrs. Armstrong Stephanie Long
Angel Choir/Voice off stage Valerie Hinjosa
Producer Paul Carver, Jaime Moritz
Director  Ana Kalet
Music Director Francois Suhr
Stage Manager
Marie Lyttle
Lighting Designer Paul Carver