The 3 Musketeers

The 3 Musketeers

July 23 – August 29, 1982
New Jersey Premier

Production Staff

Producer Ernie Lazzara
Director Tony Adase
Production Manager Sandy Adase
Set Design Bill Jamieson
Master Builder Jos Cohen
Head Lighting Technician Chris Sjogren
Stage Manager Henriette Cohen
Scenic Decorator Jeff Jamieson
Assistant Set Decorators Susan Cavaliere, Eileen Kelton
Publicity Michael Senz
Program Coordinator debby p. kaufer
Program Cover Design Don Aaronson
House Manager Mary Henning
Box Office Beverly Gorelick
Photography Steve Goodman
Costume Coordinator E. Michael McCaughey, Don Olah
Costume Assistants Joan Burke, Anne Welby, Henrietta Napear, Mary Lousie Stanton, Mary S. Lawrence, Susan Matisz, Dorothy Berkowitz
Hairdresser Don Olah
Props Sharon Schapow, Henrietta Napear
Backstage Dorothy Berkowitz
Lighting Technicians Chris Sjogren, Rosemary Elliot
Sound Technician Kate Pinner
Dueling Master Elliot Cheu
Original Music John Franceshing
Set Construction Ron Schapow, Susan Schapow, Ben Stanton, Henrietta Napear, Terrry Jamieson, Bill Smith, Stan Pearlman, Todd Hixson, Don Aaronson, Richard Barrenger, Bill Jamieson, Jos Cohen Jim Fitzgerald


The Cast

Louis XIII, King of France Ronald J. Platt
Anne of Austria, Queen of France Margo Svelling
Cardinal Richeliue (Armand Jean Du Plessis Edmond LeComte
George Villers, Duke of Buckingham, Lord High Admiral of the English Navy Stan Kaplan
Anne de Breuil, later know as Cady Clarick Suzanne Sweeney
Rochefort, Captain of the Cardinal’s Guards Timothy J. Graham
Treville, Captain of the King’s Musketeers Bill Smith
Boancieux, a grocer Sandy Berkowitz
Constance Boncieux, his wife Sally Ann Moyer
Paul Quenille, the Count de la Fere, later knows as the Muskeeter Athos Chuck Downing
Porthos, a Musketeer Doug Watson
Armais, a Musketeer Lou J. Stalsworth
D’ Artagnan, a young Gascon who becomes a Musketeer Todd Hixson
The Executioner of Lille Tom Frueler
The Innkeeper at “The Jolly Miller”, a Puritan shipmaster Dan O’Neill
Zoe (the Innkeeper’s Daughter) and a Nun Mellissa Aaron
Jussac, a lieutenant of the Cardinalo’s Guards and an English Naval Officer Rich Baker
De Chemerault, a Musketeer Douglas Adase
D’Estrees, A Musketeer and Patrick Nick Pelino
Planchet, D’Artagnan’s lackey Dom Balletta