Splendor In The Grass

Splendor In The Grass

September 9 – October 16, 1983

Production Staff

Producer Henrietta Napear, James P. Fitzgerald
Director Patrick Arvonio
Stage Manager Barbara Hoover
Set Design James P. Fitzgerald
Lighting Design James P. Fitzgerald
Costume Design Ann Fitzgerald, Henrietta Napear
Master Builder James W. Fitzgerald
Stage Crew Lois Altschul, Linda Abram
Set Construction James F. Fitzgerald, James P. Fitzgerald
Lighting Technicians David Uporsky, Chris Sjogren
Sound Technician Larry Klien
Set Dressing Henrietta Napear
Props Barbara Hoover, Ann Fitzgerald, James P. Fitzgerald
Costume Assistants Joan Burke, Anne Welby, Anne Frank, Mary Lawrence, Vickie Sieh, Mary Lou Stanton
Hair Design Nance
Makeup Design Lynn Lazzara
Program Coordinator Henrietta Napear
Publicity Roslyn Z. Gerken
House Manager Mary Henning
Box Office Vivian Lazzara
Photographer Steve Goodman
Maintenance Kurt Labbe


The Cast

Deanie Loomis BJ Griffiths
Bud Stamper Myles Fifick
Mrs. Loomis Pat Mount
Del Loomis Howard Altschul
Ace Stamper Anthony Provenzano
Mrs. Stamper Margaret Yager
Ginny Stamper Debi Taormina
Miss Metcalf Mary Lou Stanton
Kay Mindy Altschule
June Diena Ten Broecke
Juanita JoAnn Passantino
Toots Stephen Ferarra
Rusty Steve Barcellona
Glenn David halloway
Arnold Mike Hodson
Doc Smiley Saunder Finard
Angelina Denise Perrotte
Johnny Masterson William vanSant
Doctor Judd Howard Kaplan


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