Sly Fox

Sly Fox

January 8 – February 7, 1982

Production Staff

Director Harry Rubel
Set Design Jim Fitzgerald
Lighting and Sound Design Ralph Henning, Jim Rinere
Stage Manager debby p kaufer
Asst. Stage Manager Henrietta Cohen
Set Construction Jim P Fitzgerald, Jim W. Fitzgerald, Ron Schapow, Stan Pearlman, Don Aaronson, Ernie Lazzara, Bill Gorelik, Charlie Nelson, Loren Fitzgerald, Harry Rubel, Bill Jamieson
Set Decoration Loren Fitzgerald, Ann Fitzgerald, Charles Nelson
Costume Coordinators Camille Cusimano, Joan Burkek
Properties Gilda Gildenberg, Barry Schwartzstein, Deborah Roy
Lighting and Sound Technicians Jim Rinere, Ralph Henning, Chris Sjogren, Rosemary Elliott
Publicity Barbara Klausner
House Manager Mary Henning
Program Cover Design Don Aaronson
Program debby p. kaufer
Make-up design Lynn Lazzara


The Cast

Simon Able Lorin Zissman
Sly’s Servants Nancy Carwright, Jack Hellman
Foxwell J. Sly Don Aaronson
Lawyer Craven Daniel Zaffaresse
Jethro Crouch Edmond LeComte
Abner Truckle John Boucher
Miss Fancy Sharon Schapow
Mrs. Truckle Mary Louise Stanton
Crouch’s Servant Jack Hellman
Captain Crouch Howard Altschul
Chief of Police Thomas Fairbanks
Policeman Ronald Rhodes
Court Clerk Jack Hellman
The Judge Stan Pearlman


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