Slow Dance on a Killing Ground

Slow Dance on a Killing Ground

August 11 – August 27, 1967

Slow Dance on a Killing Ground

Production Staff

Producer Ernie Lazzara
Director Vivian Lazzara
Stage Manager Jocqueline Bouchard
Set Design Vivian Lazzara, Ernie Lazzara
Set Building Committee Ernie Lazzara, Bob Jamieson, Ed Shaff, Paul Labbe, Joe Sarro
Backstage Asssistants Carmen Sarro, Karen-Rose Smith
Lighting Director Paul Labbe
Lights Karen-Rose Smith, Carmen Sarro
Sound Elliot Glickman, Joe Sarro
Costumes Terry Landy
Publicity Helen Lyons, Carmen Sarro
House Manager Ernest Lazzara
Program Helen Lyons, Carmen Sarro
Props Joseph Ciraco
Refreshments Midge Jamieson, Tommie Bryan


The Cast

Mr. Glas Walter Schonwald
Randall Zachary Bussey
Rosie Lynn Labbe


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