Mornings at Seven

Mornings at Seven

March 11 – April 17, 1983

Production Staff

Producers Terry Jamieson, James Patrick Fitzgerald
Director Ronald J. Platt
Stage Manager Lois Altschul, Arlene Provenzono
Set Design Jampes Patric Fitzgerald
Lighting Design Ralph Henning
Master Builder James William Fitzgerald
Set Construction Audrey Moore
Scenic Decorator Loren Fitzgerald
Set Dressing Henrietta Napear
Props Stephanie Kaplan
Program Coordinator Terry Jamieson
Program Cover Design Don Aaronson
Publicity Roslyn Gerken
House Manager Mary Henning
Box Office Vivian Lazzara
Make Up Lynn Lazzara
Costumes Sandy Bonnel
Hair Consultants Rita Ogden, Don Olah
Photography Steve Goodman
Assistant Producer Michelle Ben-Hur
Artistic Director Sharon Schapow
Maintenance Kurt Labbe


The Cast

Theodore Swanson Art Morit
Cora Swanson Ginnie Schwartz
Aaronetta Gibbs Sharon Schapow
Ida Bolton Marianna Sellers
Carl Bolton Saunder Finard
Homer Bolton Carl Fitzgerald
Myrtle Brown Barbara Arvonio
Esther Crampton Henrietta Napear
David Crampton Anthony J. Provenzano


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