May 24 – June 23, 1968

Production Staff

Director Vivian Lazzara
Stage Manager Jocqueline Bouchard
Backstage Crew Marion Fitzgerald, Barbara Berkowitz, Rae DeMarco
Set Design Bill Jamieson, Vivian Lazzara
Set Building Ernie Lazzara, Bill Jamieson, Bob Jamieson, Paul Labbe, Joe Sarro
Lighting Director Paul Labbe
Sound Elliot Glickman
Light and Sound Paul Labbe, Elliot Glickman, Dick Butterer
Publicity Director Carmen Sarro
Publicity for LUV Marianne Sipos
Advertising Elliot Glickman
Wardrobe Terry Landy
Props Joseph Ciraco, Jr.
Box Office Vivian Lazzara
Refreshments Sue Schild
House Manager Tommie Bryan
Art Displays Jeanne Van Zandt, Alyce Joyce
Membership Chairman Lynn Labbe
Barn Improvements The Villager Guys and Dolls


The Cast

Harry Berlin Warren Erhardt
Milt Manville Gerald Fitzgerald
Ellen Manville Terry Jamieson


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