July 13 – July 29, 1990

Produced by Iris Green and Anne Welby

Directed by Douglas Eaton

A masterpiece of black farce, Loot follows the fortunes of two young thieves. Dennis works for an undertaker. Hal’s old Mum has just died. They rob the bank next door to the funeral parlour and find just the place to hide the loot. With the money hidden in Mum’s coffin, there’s no place for Mum whose body keeps re-appearing at the most inopportune times. When Inspector Truscott turns up, the already thickened plot goes topsy-turvy. Loot saw its premiere in London in 1966 and remains on of the most potent works from this master of the macabre.

McLeavy Don Aaronson
Hal Victor Barbella
Dennis James A. Palumbo
Fay BJ Welsh
Truscott John Boucher
Meadows Bartolo Falcone
Producer Iris Green, Anne Welby
Director Douglas Eaton
Lighting Design Thomas Rowe
Set Design Douglas Eaton
Master Carpenter Gary Smoke
Stage Manager Zena Horvath
Fight Coordinator John Hickson, Jr
Floral Arrangment Camille Cusimano
Hair Nance
Lighting/Sound Operator Dot Steffen
Props Anne Welby
Program Jeff Dworkin, Anne Welby
Set Contruction Victor Barbella, Bill Jamieson, Mandella Boy, Christoper MacManus, Cathy Smyrski, Steve Zavodnick
All Photos by Steve Goodman
Holly A. Sllivan