Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors

September 11 – October 3, 1998

Production Staff

Producer Mary Henning
Director Sharon Schapow
Musical Director Mark McGee
Choreographer Patricia Wray
Costume Design Camille Cusimano
Lighting Design Bob Seesselberg
Set Design Jim Parks
Sound Design Matt Andrews
Stage Manger Paula Milano
Assistant Stage Manager Pauline A. Milano
Set Construction Jim Parks
Lighting Technician Dot Steffen
Spot Operators Adam Levine, Ed & Hillary Pearson, Phil Steffen
Props Debbie Fell, Pauline A. Milano
Hair Nance
Puppet Coach Stephanie Peterson
Playvill Coordinator Jesse Woldman
Playvill Assistant Ellen Cleary


The Cast

Audrey Wanda Toro
Seymour Frank Andrews
Orin Eric Harper
Mushnick Jeff Dworkin
Urchin 1 Rochelle Patterson
Urchin 2 Megan Rodd
Urchin 3 Missy Bolseau
Puppeteer for Audrey II Lou J. Stalsworth
Voice of Audrey II Carl Barber-Steele


The Orchestra

Piano/Conductor Mark McGee
Keyboard II Ben Cohn
Guitar Neil Nemitz
Bass Bob Gargiullo
Drums Mark Menter


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