Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

By William S. Kilborne, Jr. and Albert T. Viola

Directed by Matt DiCarlo

March 11-19, 2006

“Little Red” is wondering why life isn’t more exciting, while Granny shows up in search of the Wolf, who has stolen her ten-speed bicycle. Granny, who is a karate expert, has no fear of the Wolf, a most unusual creature who is Harvard educated (he wrote his thesis on Wolfgang Mozart), enjoys being evil and loves little children (on whole wheat toast). When Granny has an accident (she breaks her hand practicing karate on a brick), Little Red sets out to deliver dinner to her. She goes through the woods, where she encounters a variety of forest creatures including, of course, the Wolf, who discovers her destination and arrives at Granny’s house before she does. He locks up Granny and lays a trap for Little Red. It appears that Little Red will become dinner for the Wolf, but the Woodsman arrives in time to save her.

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