Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar

November 14 – December 20, 1986

Production Staff

Producer Iris Green, Mary Henning
Director Mark E. Hopkins
Musical Director Peter J. Crimi
Choreographer Mary Brienza
Costume Design Camille Cusimano
Set Design Mark E. Hopkins, Ron Rhodes, David White
Lighting Design Larry C. Budnick
Stage Managers Kathy Gaffney, Debi Jenkins
Master Builder Ron Rhodes
Props Nancy Cartwright
Lighting Jay Glick, Rich Kline, Randi Rothschild
Master Electrician Jim DeRugeriis
Set Construction Jay Glick, Dick Granville, Martin Kennedy, Lynn Lawson, Gerard Lebeda, Tony Matthews, Kenny Pearlman, Jim Smith, Matthew Smith, Dave Soltero, David White
Back Stage Crew Nancy Cartwright, Josh Goldberg, Kenny Pearlman
Dresser Camille Cusimano
Program Anne Welby


The Cast

Judas Iscariot Gerard P. Lebeda
Jesus Christ Matthew Smith
Mary Magdalene Kelly Gomez
Caiaphas, High Priest David Price, MD
Annas Martin J. Kennedy
Simon Zealotes Robert Wilkerson
Pontius Pilate Sal Borruso
Peter David Soltero
King Herod Jeffrey M. Babey
Old Man, Priest, Apostle Jon A. Ballek
Soul Girl, Apostle’s Woman Karen Brennan
Apostle’s Wife Mary Ann Bruce
Maid by the Fire, Apostle’s Woman Sharon Coyle
Apostle’s Woman Peggy Jones
Priest, Apostle Bob Kappel
Apostle’s Woman Lynn Lawson
Apostle’s Woman Marina Selvaggio
Apostle’s Woman Lisa Mosso
Roman Guard, Apostle Nick Pelino
Priest, Apostle Charles Wagner
Apostle’s Woman Sallie Weaver
Roman Guard, Apostle David White


The Orchestra

Conductor, Piano Peter Crimi
Keyboards Tom McCaffrey
Drums Jerry Shortall
Guitar Mark Burgess
Bass Dennis Farrelly, Tony Tazzell
Reed Frank Demonico


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