Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

Production Staff

Director Bill Jamieson
Musical Director Norman Goldberg
Director of Choreography Missie Bark Godwin
Stage Manager Bob Jamieson
Set Designer Bill Jamieson
Technical Design Chuck Warren, Bob Jamieson
Set Construction Bob Jamieson, Chuck Warren, Ernie lazzara, Bill Gorelick, Stan Sitko, Chris Mattaliano, Mark mattaliano, Paul Labbe
Photographic Effects Paul Labbe, Mark Mattaliano, Terry Jamieson
Lighting Design Paul Labbe
Special Lighting David Shreve
Lighting Crew Nancy Kleber, Greg Morea, Laurie Cleaveland, Gary Levine
Photography Paul Labbe
Costumes Robbie Kordela, Ann Cipolla
Backstage Crew Terry Jamieson, Chuck Warren, Bill Gorelick, Bob Jamieson
Publicity Joan Burke
Props Georgene Callahan
Program Stuart Berkowitz, Barbara Berkowitz
Art Gallery Alyce Joyce
Artist Donald Ossner
Box Office Vivian Lazzara
Refreshments Tommie Bryan

The Cast

Bob Dumas  
Beverly Gorelick  
Suzanne Kenny  
Chris Mattaliano  
Serry Newmann  
Jenifer Statile  
Missie Bark Godwin  
David Shreve  


The Orchestra

Conductor Norman Goldberg
Piano Gloria Curcio
Electric Guitar James Foss
Electric Bass Mark Gelfan
Percussion David Jalajas
Vibes Kathy Potter
Rehearsal Pianist Beverly Weber

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