I Never Sang For My Father

I Never Sang For My Father

September 25 – October 25, 1981

Production Staff

Producer Dan O’Neill
Director Patrick Arvonio
Stage Manager Beth Uporsky
Set Design Bill Jamieson
Set Construction Bill Jamieson, Terry Jamieson, Ron Schapow, Ralph Henning, Jim Rinere, Jos Cohen, Jeff Jamieson, Susan Cavaliere, Jim Fitzgerald, Loren osgrove
Lighting Chris Sjogren, Jim Rinere, Tom Wolke, Ralph Henning
Props Beth Uporsky
House Manager Mary Henning
Box Office Staff Beverly Gorelick, Michael McCaughey
Program Debby P. Kaufer
Photography Steve Goodman
Publicity Barbara Klausner


The Cast

Tom Garrison Tom Waters
Margaret Garrison Henrietta Napear
Gene Garrison Joe Bendavid
Alice Garrison Mary Jo Van Tury
Mary Corinne Haveson
Marvin Scott Daniel Roth
Rev. Pell Don O’Neill
Dr. Mayberry Larry Klein
Nurse Danci DeMartino
Porter Jack Hellman


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