Gods Favorite

By Niel Simon


Gods Favorite

Sept 14 – Sept 30, 2012

Directed by

In Neil Simon’s wild and irreverent comedy, loosely based on the Biblical Book of Job, Joe Benjamin (Joe B.), a God-fearing tycoon, has his faith in God tested, while the audience has its ability to keep a straight face tested. Joe believes it was God’s will that put him in his Long Island mansion with high-maintenance wife, Rose, prodigal son, David, the twins, Ben and Sarah (with a combined I.Q. of 160), and Mady and Morris, the wise-cracking household staff. Then, Sidney Lipton, an unlikely messenger from God (and a movie buff), pays a visit. He warns Joe that, unless he renounces God, life is not going to be so great, in fact it’s going to be hell on earth. The humor gets wilder and funnier as the devastation and torture increase in this contemporary morality tale with a razor-sharp edge.

Director  Linda Viel
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