May 18 – June 23, 1984

Production Staff

Producer Mary Henning, Ronald C. Shapow
Director John R. Cramer
Music Director Peggy Skorupsky
Choreographer TJ Moskalski
Set Design Bill Jamieson
Lighting Design Kate Pinner
Stage Manager Audrey Moore
Master Builder Ron Rhodes
Costume Coordination Barbara Freeman, Nada Kosminsky, Peggy Pit
Hair Styles Nance, Don Olah
Lighting & Sound Coordinator Mike Cohen
Assistant to the Producers Barbara D’Alessio
Assistants to the Stage Manager Caprice Cosgrove, Debi Jenkins
Stage Crew Carol Wilber, Eleanor Tracy, Iris Green, Bob Paul, Herb Hush
Lighting & Sound Technicians Rich Nolan, Caprice Cosgrove, Chris Parks
Set Construction Neil Stempel, Chip Hoever, David White, Ron Schapow, Bill Jamieson, Cary Czaplinski, Bill Kronick, the Villagers
Props Gilda Gildenberg, Barbara D’Alessio, Laura Agin, Mary Lou Stanton, Ron Schapow, Sharon Schapow, Mary Henning
Special Prop Construction Gene Micucci, Chip Hoever, Lynn Lazzara, Ben Stanton, David White, Rosemary Keller
Set Dressing Henrietta napear
Costume Assistants Joan Burke, Anne Welby
Program Coordination Ron Schapow, Mary Henning, Barbara D’Alessio, Sharon Schapow
Box Office Vivian Lazzara


The Cast

Master of Ceremonies Richard Roy
Velma Kelly Vicki Tripodo
Roxie Hart Sharon Dunn
Fred Casely Timothy J. Graham
Sergeant Fogarty David White
Amos Hart David Kenney
Liz Noreen Anne Walsh
Annie Kathryn Packer
June Alice Digrius Longo
Hunyak Basha Raboy
Mona Diane Damanski
Matron Mama Morton Debbi Wells
Billy Flynn Rocky Centalonzo
Mary Sunshine SJ Oskroba
Go-To-Hell Kitty April Pagano
Court Clerk Edwardo Bontempo


The Orchestra

Piano Peggy Skorupsky
Percussion Jim Sica
Bass Bob Charles
Reed #1 Frank Demonico
Reed #2 Steve Hucko
Trombone Dick Woodin, Signe Woodin
Trumpet #1 Kim Wiezbicki
Trumpet #2 Ducan Johnston


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