Equus January 16 – February 15, 1981 Production Staff Producer Beverly Gorelick Director Pat Arvonio Set Design Bill Jamieson Lighting Design Jim Rinere Stage Manager and Properties Pepper Wilson Asst Stage Manager and Sound Beth Uporsky Lighting Tom Wolke, Aaron Sapiro, Barbara Stern Coreographer Barbara Klausner Publicity Sue Avent Advertising AMS Advertising Inc.  NYC Program Cover … Read more

Lovers and Other Strangers

Lovers and Other Strangers November 28 – December 28, 1980 Production Staff Producer Ronnie Schapow Director Jim Rinere Set Design Bill Jamieson Stage Manager Lois Altschul Lighting Design Jim Rinere Sound Design Jim Rinere Assistant Stage maanger Irene E. Yaros Set Decorator Henny Napear Lighting, Sound and Props Arnie Moss, Aaron Sapio, Debbie Badessa, Barbara … Read more

The Price

The Price October 10 – November 9, 1980 Production Staff Producer Henrietta Napear Director Robert Stevens Set Design Bill Jamieson Stage Manager Henrietta Napear Lighting Design Arnie Moss Sound Design Arnie Moss Assistant Stage Managers Mary Louise Stanton, Ellie Luftglass Lighting & Sound Gary Smoke, Irene Yaros, Barbara Stern, Laurie Macpherson, Virginia Rauch, Aaron Sapiro, … Read more

Barefoot In The Park

Barefoot In The Park August 29 – September 28, 1980 Production Staff                        Producer Sandy Berkowitz Director Sandy Berkowitz Set Design Bill Jamieson Stage Manager Dan O’Neil Lighting and Sound Design Wayne McCauley, Vic Monyla, Greg Morea Lighting Greg Morea Sound Wayn McCauley, Vic Monyla … Read more


Knockout Off-Broadway Premier First Production in the New Barn Theatre Villagers Renamed “The Franklin Villagers Barn Theatre” July 11 – August 10, 1980 Production Staff Producer Tony Adase Director Tony Adase Set Design Bill Jamieson Production Manager Sandy Adase Lighting Design Gary Smoke Sound Design Gary Smoke Lighting Tom Wolk Sound Dan O’Neill Props Ina … Read more