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Time of the Cuckoo

    Time of the Cuckoo Book by Arthur Laurents Time of the Cuckoo focuses on the bittersweet romance between Leona Samish, a single American executive secretary vacationing in Europe, and Renato Di Rossi, a shopkeeper she meets in Venice. Di Rossi, trapped in a loveless marriage, relentlessly pursues Leona, who initially is shocked by the thought of…
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An Italian Straw Hat

    An Italian Straw Hat by Eugene Labiche This classic French farce was written by Eugene Labishe in 1851 and has inspired numerous stage revivals, a famous silent film, a ballet and a musical comedy. All of these incarnations of An Italian Straw Hat share the basic premise: Fadinard is about to be married…
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The Tunnel of Love

    The Tunnel Of Love by Peter De Vries and Joseph Fields Tom Ewell played the Broadway part of a suburban husband in a 5 year childless marriage. He and his wife decide to adopt a baby, but a loud mouth neighbor upsets the apple cart when the adoption investigator comes to call. However, not…
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