Web Design


In September 2012, www.VillagersTheatre.com was redesigned and redeveloped by Darren Nye, a NJ Web Design specialist.

Goals of the new website included:

  1. Make the interface design more modern and clean
  2. Simplify the back-end content management system used to edit/maintain content
  3. Provide a WYSIWYG CMS interface wherever possible
  4. Allow mobile and tablet users to easily view the website (responsive web design)

The above goals were met by switching the back-end CMS from an old version of Joomla, to the most current version of WordPress. In addition, the “Canvas” theme by WooThemes.com was used as a starting point for the web design, which includes a responsive theme. OnTheGo System’s “Types” and “Views” plug-ins were also used to create and manage Custom Content Types supported by WordPress 3, to create database fields for “Shows” and “Productions”.


On Tuesday April 23rd 2013, we launched a customized version of the Canvas theme, to improve the interface design by adding a large visual header, tweaking colors and fonts used system wide – to soften the appearance, and making graphic elements include consistent colors and styling.


Unfortunately the www.Arts-People.com website which is used for buying tickets, will not support a mobile interface until sometime in 2013.

If you have any questions or issues with the website, please contact Darren Nye.