Vision Statement

We, as Villager’s Theatre, see the performing arts as an avenue of exploration, creativity, and innovation for performers and audiences alike. In an ever-evolving society of entertainment and education, VIllager’s Theatre prides itself on being a local source of diversity, inclusion, and enlightenment. By bringing together performers, production staff, and audience members from all walks of life, this company believes in fostering change, developing accessibility, and most importantly, continuing to celebrate the “community” in community theater.

Mission Statement

As a theater company, we believe that every time the curtain opens, so should your mind, your spirit, and how you see the world. Thus, Villager’s has maintained a focus on enrichment and education through theater. Children and adolescents are an integral part of our program, participating in the Miniature Musical Makers program, commonly known as MMM, KidsVill, and our summer program, TeenVill. It is through these programs that we begin to foster change, creativity, and community in our performers.

In addition, Villager’s produces five mainstage productions throughout the year ranging from small dramas to large-scale musicals, bringing the magic of Broadway to Central New Jersey, in a space that remains diverse, accessible, and inclusive for all audiences. It is our goal, as a theatre, as individual artists, and as a company, to ensure that every audience member and performer alike leaves Villager’s feeling fulfilled, inspired, and celebrated.