A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line

July 19 – August 18, 1991

Production Staff

Producer Anne Welby
Assistant Producer Bernice Woldman
Director Mark E. Hopkins
Musical Director Vincent DiMura, Mark Waters-Savant
Choreography Linda Kay
Lighting Design Tom Rowe
Costume Coordinator Camille Cusimano
Sound Design Jon Ballek
Master Carpenter Steve Zavodnick
Stage Manager Beth Schroeder
Assistant Stage Manager Nathan Busch
Backstage Crew Randy Bobish, Lory Cohen, Lori Kaplan, Geneva Christine Riddell, Adam Rothschild, Marlene Zyontz
Carpenters Joey, Lauren and Scott Zavodnick
Costume Assistants Joan Tietjen, Carolyn McCaffrey
Dance Captain Lory Cohen
Dressers Camille Cusimano, Stacie Dickscheid, Maureen Egan, Lori Kaplan, Joan Tietjen, Anne Welby
Hair Nance
Intern Stacie Dickscheid
Lighting Technician Dot Steffen
Program Anne Welby
Rehearsal Pianist John Sullivan
Set Designed by Glenn Gerchman, Civic Little Theatre, Allentown PA
Spot Light Operators Michael Sylvester, Nicole Genest, Amy McCarthy


The Cast

Zach, Director/Choreographer Steve Ryan
Larry, Zach’s Assistant Maury Herman
Cassie Alaine T. Kashian
Mike Mark Oppel
Sheila Beth Anne Marie
Richie David Richard Perry, Jr.
Val Linda Sue Garahan
Don Normand B. LaChance
Diana Beth Juskow
Paul Spencer Rowe
Judy Linda Maute
Mark David James Palmer
Kristine Jill Price
Greg Henry Bright
Maggie Jennifer Tilley
Bobby Darren Valentine
Bebe Kymberly Frost
Al Frank A. Mitacchione
Connie Jane Chen
Frank Danny J. Clemente
Vickie Linda Kay
Butch Randy Bobish
Tricia Lori Kaplan
Roy Adam Rothschild
Lois Lory Cohen


The Orchestra

Conductor Marc Waters-Savant
Piano Vincent DiMura, John Sullivan
Trumpets Mike Greene, Brant Thompson
Reeds Russ Murray
Bass Tony Gianatasio
Drums Sheryl Caswell


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