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Charley and Maddie have cracked the code. They can make two people fall in love—if they don’t manage to kill them in the process. Now they must help an estranged couple from the New Jersey suburbs kindle their lost romance while putting them perilously in danger of falling in love.

Award-winning local playwright Mike Sockol wrote this twisted tale of modern love, which receives its world premiere production in the Zaidi Theater. “In Danger of Falling in Love” was previously included in Villagers’ 2018 New Playwrights Staged Reading Series.

March 10 and 11 at 7:00pm
Callbacks will be held on March 12 by invitation only

Character breakdown:

PETER (between 30 and 50)—a pleasant and precise professional living in the New Jersey suburbs, still trying to figure out why his wife left him and desperately seeking to win her back. He is willing to try anything—even if that “anything” sounds more like a scam than a legitimate “matchmaking” service.

LIZ (between 30 and 50)—dramatic, vocal, emotional, and probably a little unhinged. She gave up an acting career to marry Peter, and now she has second thoughts about that decision. But after impulsively leaving Peter, she is surprised to realize how much she really loves him. Now she needs proof that Peter loves her back.

CHARLEY (Between 20 and 50)—a barista by profession, but also the mastermind of a small army of actors poised to put couples in danger in order to trigger the chemical reaction that leads to true love. Just as dramatic, vocal, and emotional as Liz. But as we learn, there is a darker side to her scheme.

MADDY (Between 20 and 50)—a long time friend of Charley’s and a willing accomplice in her scheme to make men and women to fall in love. And she likes the fringe benefits—which often leads to sex with strangers. She is “rescued” by Peter and introduces him to their match making service.

FREDDY (Between 30 and 50)—Liz’s bemused brother, who probably understands her sister better than anyone. Still hurting from the end of his own marriage, she recognizes Liz’s love for Peter, and wants them to get together. He also once dated Charley, and despite his misgivings, introduces Liz to her.

HUGO (Between 30 and 60)—an unemployed actor and currently Charley’s lover. No one takes Hugo too seriously, probably because he spends most of his day quoting Shakespeare and acting stoned. But Hugo has his own secret, which he keeps hidden very well.

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