A Thousand Clowns

A Thousand Clowns July 23 – August 1, 1965 Production Staff Producer Murray Greenberg Director Saunder Finard Stage Manager Bill Jamieson Assistant Stage Manager Joe Sarro Backstage Assistants Kathy Birdsey, Donna Dickens, Jessica Ayars, Karen-Rose Smith, Russ Cameron Set Design Bill Jamieson Set Construction Bill Jamieson, Joe Sarro, Dick Van Zandt, Ernest Lazzara, Murray Greenberg, … Read more

Sound of Murder

Sound of Murder July 2 – July 11, 1965               Production Staff Producer Ernest Lazzara Director Vivian Lazzara Stage Manager Jacqueline Bouchard Assistant Stage Manager Jeanne Miller Backstage Assistants Kathi Miller, Stuart Berkowitz, Barbara Berkowitz Set Design Vivian Lazzara Set Construction Ernest Lazzara, Skip Mayberry Art Direction James Schoudel … Read more