You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Production Staff

Director Ed Lawrence
Music Director Lou Fifer
Choreographer Missie Godwin
Stage Manager Arnold Moss
Master Carpenters Ernie Lazzara, Lou Littieri, Ken Lyons
Set Construction Beverly Gorelick, Bill Gorelick, Paul Labbe, Pat Marotta, Ed Marotta, Judy Moss, Bernie Valenchik, Pepper Wilson
Set Design Pat Marotta
Lighting Design W. Kent Lauzon
Props Rich Robinson, Connie Suhan
Refreshments Anne Chochrane
Box Office Betty Brown, Marion Mangano, Vivian Lazzara
Lighting Crew Ken Lyons, Bill Gorelick, Skip Wilver
House Manager Elliot Glickman
Publicity Bernie Valenchik
Program Barbara Berkowitz


The Cast

Linus Bruce Conroy
Charlie Brown Tom Chiola
Patty Sandy Zimmerman
Schroeder John Carlano
Snoopy Jim Godwin
Lucy Missie Godwin

The Orchestra

Piano Lou Fifer
Percussion Michael Meade


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