Wait Until Dark

Wait Until Dark

January 14 – February 13, 1983

Production Staff

Producers Henrietta Napear, Mary Louise Stanton
Director Harry Rubel
Set Design Bill Jamieson
Lighting and Sound Design Chris Sjogren
Stage Manager Audrey Moore
Master Builder Jos Cohen
Set Construction Bill Jamieson, Ron Schapow, Jos Cohen, Jeff Jamieson, Jim Smith, Chris Jamieson, Ben Stanton, Jim W. Fitzgerald
Head Lighting Technician Mike Cohen
Technicians Sue Mueller, Chris Sjogren
Set Dressing Henrietta Napear, Mary Louise Stanton
Properties Audrey Moore, Pat Lang, Sharon Schapow
Program Coordinator Mary Louise Stanton
Program Cover Design Don Aaronson
Publicity Rosyln Gerken
House Manager Mary Henning
Box Office Beverly Gorelick
Stage Crew Pat Lang, Henriette Cohen


The Cast

Mike Talman Jim Rinere
Sgt. Carlino John Boucher
Harry Roat, Jr. Don Aaronson
Susy Hendrix Judith Reichman
Sam Hendrix Joe Giglio
Gloria Sherly Lang
Policemen Howard Altschul, Tony Gegelys, Milton Loeb, Al Nacson


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