New Playwrights Series

New Playwrights Series

Opening Date: 03/01/2017
Closing Date: 06/30/2017
Performance Times:

Mondays 8:00pm

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Authors/Playwrights: Various

Show Description:

The goal of the Villagers New Playwrights Series is to provide playwrights with an opportunity to glimpse the performance potential of their works in progress. Additional goals are to provide alternative performance opportunities for our local actors and directors and to expose our local audiences to new works. All submissions are considered for their potential to fulfill these goals. Due to the fact that Villagers programs are supported, in part, by funds from the New Jersey State Council of the Arts/ Department of State (a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts, and administered by the Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Commission through the State/County Partnership Local Arts Program), preference is given to New Jersey resident playwrights.


Seeking Directors and Actors for 2017 Villagers New Playwrights Series Staged Readings listed below. Anyone interested in directing or performing please send email (headshot/resume) to

Monday, March 13
What If….
By Mark Langston
A simple yet powerful story of a waitress in a small town diner and a man in turmoil over a recent loss. The conversation develops into a poignant and profound exploration of the meaning of love.

(Age range is that of character only. We are accepting a VARIETY of age ranges in actors)

Character age 20-30 He is well educated, independent, and emotionally unstable due to a recent turn-around in his love life.

Character age 20-30. She is financially unstable due to her job and lack of persistence in pursuing a career. She writes as a hobby and wishes to have a career in entertainment. Never was in love.

Slightly overweight widower in his 50-60. He settled on disability from his job. He tends to rely on alcohol as an escape but can be somewhat emotionally stable once sober.

Monday, April 24
What Happens In Iowa
By Joe Starzyk
A pair of empty nesters whose marriage is in a rut take up a new hobby to spice things up then their children unexpectedly return.

(Age range is that of character only. We are accepting a VARIETY of age ranges in actors)

Female late 40’s -50’s seemingly old fashioned housewife

Male late 40’s – 50’s dry personality.

Female 20 something daughter of Don and Kathy

Male 20 something son of Don and Kathy

Female 20 something partner of Jackie

Female same age as Don and Kathy

Monday, May 15
Welcome To The Family
By Giffy Giffoniello
A man from an extremely abnormal family brings home his very traditional boyfriend and tries to reconcile the two worlds.

(Age range is that of character only. We are accepting a VARIETY of age ranges in actors)

Early 50s. A quick-witted, polite woman with her head planted firmly on her shoulders. A receptionist by day, Barbara-Ann is much more comfortable in her night job as a psychic. Specifically, she reads board games.

Early 50s. An easily-panicked, easily-frustrated man who is often one step behind the rest of the cast. The father of Barbara-Ann’s children, Greg is a night security guard and passionate about animals.
Specifically, he’s a mouse rights’ activist.

Mid-to-late 20s. Greg’s son, Jack takes after his father more than his mother, but when a situation calls for it, Jack can be calm, collected, and smooth. Most of the time, though, he flies off the handle.

MAYA (ODDY)Early 50s. Maya is a cheerful woman who is prone to tears. She is an aspiring musician who helped raise Barbara-Ann and Greg’s children, becoming a member of the family, the other parent.

Late 20s/Early 30s. Barbara-Ann’s daughter, Daphne takes after her mother. A hardened, no-nonsense businesswoman, Daphne only shows her more childish nature around her brother.

CLEM Mid-to-late 20s. Daphne’s devoted husband, Clem has a bit of the melancholy about him. Although he does not get along with Jacobi, he gets along famously with Maya, Greg, and Barbara-Ann.He occasionally acts like a fairy tale villain.

Late 20s/Early 30s. Jack’s boyfriend, Roger is a direct, frank person who shies away from strange things. An architect by trade, Roger likes things solid, stable, and dependable.

A physically and gender non-descript friend of Greg’s who supports the Mouse Rights’ Movement.

WILLIAM DONOVAN A physically non-descript client of Barbara-Ann’s
who comes to the house for a private reading to console him during an argument with his daughter.

Monday, June 19
The Real Lives of Imaginary People
By Luigi Jannuzzi
A car navigator that comes to life, caveman dating service, and fairytale characters in unusual situations all set in Imaginary Place in this comedic collection of one-acts and monologues.

Multiple Roles
Princess, Hunchback, Prince,The Evil Laugher, A Caveman, Beanstalk Investigators, An Evil Laugher, Wife of Humpty Dumpty, Mr. Kingsmen Mother Dumpty, Wild French Man, Wild French Woman, Magic Mirror Operator, Mad Hatter, Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe, Robin Hood, Cavewoman, Gingerbread People, Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf, One Little Pig, Little Miss Muffet, Grandfather, Grandmother, Alice, Tinker Bell, Bo Peep, Cinderella, Woodsman, Prince Charming, Two Medieval Lords, 1 Serf, A Barbarian

Directed by: Various


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