Tom Foolery

Tom Foolery

July 17 – August 15, 1987

Production Staff

Producers Jos Cohen, Ron Schapow
Director David S. Goldstein
Musical Director Larry N. Rothweiler, Jr.
Lighting Design James C. De Rugeriis
Set Design Andrew Gordanier, David S. Goldstein
Stage Manager Ann Alcaro
Master Carpenter Andrew Gordanier
Slave Carpenters Sheryl Caswell, Mark Hopkins
Scenic Painter David White
Props Ann Alcaro
Lighting Board Operator Dot Steffen
Spot Operator Christi Farina
Lighting Cue Caller Joshua Max Goldberg
Attaché to Mr. Babey Joshua Max Goldberg
Program Anne Welby


The Cast

Kristina Wetzel  
Wm. Perry Morgan  
David P. McMenemie  
Larry N. Rothweiler, Jr.  
Jeffery M. Babey  
David S. Goldstein  
Deborah Stein


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