The Night of the Foolish Moon

The Night of the Foolish Moon

May 29 – June 21, 1998
World Premiere

Production Staff

Producer Iris Green
Director Robert Hickson
Costume Design Kelley Pestritto
Lighting Design Doug Stober
Set Design Gorden Wiener, Bob Wagner
Sound Design Jon Ballek
Stage Manger Nancy Stober, Linda Silvestrini
Set Construction Gordon Wiener, Bob Wagner
Lighting Assistant Ed Pearson
Lighting Technician Dot Steffen
Sound Technician Jeff Herzog
PlayVill Jesse Woldman
Set Dressers Iris Green, Bernice Woldman
Dress Roz Wroblewski


The Cast

Roger Jim Morgan
Bernadette Dinise Hickson
Lawyer Mary Anne Ver
Victor Charles F. Wagner IV
Sancho Adrian Stein
Mother Pat Hickson
Don Quixote Ed Pearson


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