The House of Blue Leaves

The House of Blue Leaves

November 19 – December 19, 1982

Production Staff

Producers Stan Pearlman, Jim P. Fitzgerald
Director Patrick Arvonio
Set Design Jim P. Fitzgerald
Lighting Design Tom Wolke
Stage Manger Beth Uporsky
Master Builder Jim W. Fitzgerald
Set Construction Jim P. Fitzgerald, Jim W. Fitzgerald, Ron Shapow, Suzanne Mueller
Lighting Design Tom Wolke
Lighting Technicians Tom Wolke, Ralph Henning
Sound Technician David Uporsky
Set Dressing Coordinator Henrietta Napear
Props Henrietta Napear, Stan Pearlman, Linda Abramovici, Gilda Gildenberg, Jim W. Fitzgerald
Program Coordinator Stan Pearlman
Cover Design Don Aaronson
Costume Design E. Michael McCaughey
Costume Assistants Joan Burke, Camille Cusimano, Anne Welby, Don Olah
Photography Steve Goodman
Publicity Roslyn Gerkin
House Manager Mary Henning
Box Office Beverly Gorelick
Stage Crew Linda Abramovici, Gilda Gildenberg


The Cast

Artie Shaughnessy Joe Ambrose
Ronnie Shaughnessy Myles Fifick
Bunny Flingus Myra Chanley
Bananas Shaughnessy Sharon Schapow
Corrinna Stroller Denise Perrotte
Billy Einhorn Stan Pearlman
Head Nun Henrietta Napear
Second Nun Mary Henning
Little Nun Tricia Curran
MP Ralph Henning
Man In White Bill Ferraiuolo


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