The Foreigner

The Foreigner

February 27 – March 21, 1987

Production Staff

Director Carl Fitzgerald
Lighting Design Chris Shenefiel
Costume Design Nancy Cartwright
Stage Manager Carol Morris
Assistant Stage Manager Allan Marain
Master Carpenter Ken Savoy
Set Construction Larry Budnick, Joshua Max Goldberg, Tony Matthews, David Sooltero, David White
Sound Design Mormegil
Lighting Technician Cris Shenefiel
Running Crew Joshua Max Goldberg
Seamstress Barbara D’Alessio
Program Anne Welby


The Cast

S/Sgt. “Froggy” LeSueur J.C. Morris, Jr.
Charlie Baker Clifford Platt
Betty Meeks Henrietta Napear
Rev. David Marshall Lee David Kenney
Catherine Simms Kathryn Packer
Owen Musser Ray Burns
Ellard Simms Karl T. Maiwaldt
Townspeople Joshua Max Goldberg, Allan Marain, Carol Morris


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