The Desperate Hours

The Desperate Hours

June 19 – July 19, 1981

Production Staff

Producer Tony Adase
Director Tony Adase
Production Manager Sandy Adase
Set Design Bill Jamieson
Lighting Design Jim Rinere
Sound Recording Gary Smoke
Assistant Stage Manager Debbie Kaufer
Lighting and Sound Barbera Stern, Daniel O’Neill, Ralph Henning, Chris Sjogen, Mike Cohen
Props Pat Justin
Publicity Sandy Adase, Barbara Klausner
Program and Cover Design Don Aaronson
House Manager Mary Henning
Box Office Beverly Gorelick
Photography Steve Goodman
Scenic Decorator Jim Fitzgerald
Asst Scenic Decorators Loren Cosgrove
Set Construction Bill Jamieson, Jos Cohen, Ernie Lazarra, Bill Gorelick, Jim Fitzgerald, Terri Jamieson, Dick Van Zandt, Ron Schapow, Mike Cohen, Mitch Cohen, Dan O’Neill, Ralph Henning, Stan Pearlman


The Cast

Tom Winston Bill Smith
Jesse Bard Jim Riner
Harry Carson Richard Van Zandt
Eleanor Hilliard Jerry DeMaio
Dan Hilliard Stan Kaplan
Cindy Hilliard Richard Barranger
Hank Griffin John F. Hickson III
Robish Tom Frueler
Chuck Wright Todd Hixon
Mr. Patterson Dan O’Neill
Lt. Carl Fredericks Walt Kelly
Miss Swift Pat Justin


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