The Country Girl

The Country Girl

May 27 – June 12, 1966

Production Staff

General Production Consultant Vivian Lazzara
Director Jack Romano
Stage Manager Ernest Lazzara
Assistant Stage Manager Jacqueline Bouchard
Lights Jennifer Allman, Skip Mayberry
Sound Elliott Glickman
Props Mae Yanowitz, Richard Van Zandt
Script Girl Lois Silverman
Set Design Bill Jamieson
Set Building Committee Ernest Lazzara, Bob Jamieson, Bill Jamieson, Joe Sarro, Paul Labbe, Dick Van Zandt
Publicity Mae Yanowitz
House Manager Harold Napear
Box Office Tommi Bryan


The Cast

Bernie Dodd Joe Bendavid
Larry Ernest Weiss
Phil Cook Donald Webber
Paul Unger Paul Labbe
Nancy Stoddard Lynn Labbe
Frank Elgin Ed Yanowitz
Georgie Elgin Roberta Glassner
Ralph Ernest Lazzara


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