Talking With…

Talking With…

July 24 – August 2, 1992

Production Staff

Producer Bernice Woldman, Mary McGinley
Director Pat Powers
Lighting Design Rob Nowicki
Set Design Patsy Krieger
Costume Design San D Hasselman
Stage Manager Kristin Barber
Photographer Andrew Scisorek
Program E. Michael McCaughey, Jackie McCausland
Props Kristin Barber


The Cast

Fifteen Minutes Yvonne Alfano
Scraps Peggy McGrath
Clear Glass Marbles Sally Vagias
Audition Debi Elfenbein
Rodeo Rhonda King
Twirler Joanne Carey
Lamps Henrietta Napear
Handler Nicole Milazzo
Dragons Debbie Wojcik
French Fries Sheila Harding
Marks Denielle Stanley


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