Starting Here Starting Now

Starting Here Starting Now

August 1 – August 30, 1986

Production Staff

Producer Nancy Cartwright
Director Judith Richman
Musical Director Jennifer Nasser
Choreographer Janet Cantore
Costume Design Barbara E. Blatz
Set Design Jim P. Fitzgerald
Lighting Design Jim P. Fitzgerald
Sound Design James C. De Rugerliis
Stage Manager James C. De Rugerliis
Assistant Stage Manager Ann Barnes
Master Builder James F. Fitzgerald
Set Dressers Janet Cantore, Doug Watson
Stage Crew Susan Hawley, Suzanne Wengryn, Karen Brennan
Program Nancy Cartwright


The Cast

Susan B. Calderon  
Amy Rose Engelhardt  
Chrissy Lucash  
Jeff Perrine  
George Porcella  
David S. Schwendeman  
Janet Cantore  
Gerard Lebeda  


The Orchestra

Conductor, Piano Liz Du Four
Bass Tony Tazell
Percussion Mike McCann, Sheryl Caswell


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