IP Submission Guidelines

The Independent Producer (VIP) Series Guidelines

Our goal is to select a season of at least 2 Shows to be performed per season. Additional may be added depending on scheduling. Exact Dates can be discussed.

If you are interested in producing a show for the IP Series, please send an email to vip@villagerstheatre.com with the following information:

  1. The titles and authors of the productions you would like to produce.
  2. Include a brief description of the production, including number of cast members, and a brief concept or vision of production.
  3. It is always helpful if you submit a copy of the script (and cast recording for musicals) in electronic format with your submission, however, it is not required with your initial submission.
  4. Also include any and all staff you have on board or would like to ask to be on board.

Should the Committee consider one or more of your submissions, an interview will be arranged with you and we will ask you to supply the following at that time:

  1. A copy of the script for each of the plays/musicals (cast recordings may also be required for musicals) you are submitting.
  2. Your reason for selecting the productions submitted and discuss your vision for the production, i.e. production values and thoughts on casting.

Note that all IP Series productions must have insurance coverage in place, naming Villagers as an insured, as per this Villagers Theatre Insurance Template.

If you have any questions, please contact vip@villagerstheatre.com