Independent Producer Series

With the Independent Producer (IP) Series, independent producers fund and orchestrate their complete productions. Thus their writers, directors and performers take creative control of their productions to a far greater extent than a more traditional setting might allow. This format provides maximum freedom and flexibility in both content and scheduling.

Typically our IP Series productions are held within the Black Box. However performance on the Main Stage is also possible in certain situations.

Our Executive Producer of our IP Series is responsible for coordinating any higher level issues such as scheduling, marketing/promotions and ticket sales, with the independent producer.

Since the IP Series are independent productions, they will not be billed as part of our regular season, but will be announced in complete detail as arrangements are finalized with the individual IP participants.

We hope that our audiences take every opportunity to reap the rewards of experiencing these adventures in live theatre.

If you are interested in producing your own show as part of the IP Series, please see our IP Submission Guidelines.

  • The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
    Villagers Independent Producers (VIP) Series
    Opens: 10/01/2015 – Closes: 10/11/2015

  • Spike Heels
    Villagers Independent Producers (VIP) Series
    Opens: 08/20/2015 – Closes: 08/23/2015

  • The Pillowman
    Villagers Independent Producers (VIP) Series
    Opens: 05/21/2015 – Closes: 05/24/2015

  • Triple Play
    Villagers Independent Producers (VIP) Series
    Opens: 04/18/2014 – Closes: 04/27/2014

  • Greater Tuna
    Villagers Independent Producers (VIP) Series
    Opens: 09/06/2013 – Closes: 09/08/2013