New Playwrights Series


2019 Villagers New Playwrights Series Staged Readings will be held one MONDAY each month for of the months of March – June Below is this year’s selected plays.  


Anyone interested in directing or performing please see breakdowns below list and send email to  Actors please send headshot, resume and desired role. (although ages of characters are listed, all age groups considered for all parts)



Please join us Monday, June 17 at 8pm for the staged reading of:

A Creature Unparalleled
Written By Carole Thompson
Directed by LLuana Jones


A teacher at an exclusive Manhattan prep school at the start of the year 2000 is preparing for a Dr. Martin Luther King Day assembly. She casts a white child to play Martin Luther King and a black child to play John F. Kennedy. All hell breaks loose.

Ethan Anidjar
Michael Banker
Theresa Copeland
Elijah Dore’
Jeffrey Dunston
Linda Enyia
Morgan Hope
Kim King
Tara Maldonado
Kayann Richards
Asher Roche’
David Williams

Villagers Theatre
475 DeMott Lane  Somerset, NJ 08873



THE PATIENT by Ryan Kaminski 

ECHOES: FALL OF ’38  by Jane Prendergast 

CROOKS AND CUPCAKES  by Richard Fowler 



Monday, March 18

The Patient 

By Ryan Kaminski



Upon discovering his new patient has a violent past, a psychiatrist in the middle of a bitter and humiliating divorce realizes he’s found the perfect solution to his ongoing marital problems.

Character Breakdown

DR. FRANK IRVING: Psychiatrist, bitter and sarcastic, filled with self-pity, mid 40s.


JOHN DANES: Former convict, appears to be easily manipulated, when he himself is the manipulator, early 30s.


AMY WILLIAMS:  Housekeeper, carefree and artistic, bubbly, late 20s.


DET. KATE EISLEY Detective, stern and serious, devoted to her career, late 30s.


NICOLE IRVING:  Frank’s soon to be ex-wife, self-assured, mid 30s.


Monday, April 29

Echoes: Fall of ’38

By Jane Prendergast



A Brooklyn family of ardent Marxist persuasion whose only son was crippled fighting in Spain against Franco must question their loyalty to the Party in light of European events of 1938


Character Breakdown

ROBERT: age 55, high school teacher and passionate Communist party secretary 

JUDITH: housewife, age 53, caretaker for her crippled son, falling away from Party.

MICHAEL: age 22. confined to a wheelchair 

HANNAH GREENBLATT: age 19, a refugee from Germany. 


Monday, May 20

Crooks and Cupcakes

By Richard Fowler



Sometimes only you can be the one to give someone a second chance


Character Breakdown

CONNIE MCCRAKEN: 70s; widow; loveable; optimistic; resilient; daffy yet wise; more observant and intuitive than given credit for; generous; family-oriented and patriotic; Comparable to Spring Byington, Betty White, Shirley Booth, Estelle Parsons


ALEXANDER: 40s; a mysterious, somehow familiar crook; remorseful; regretful; industrious;  Comparable to Bradley Cooper, Mark Ruffalo


ARTHUR: 40s; Alexander’s friend/partner in crime; simple-minded; endearing; talkative; childish; Comparable to Mickey Rooney, Donald O’Connor


JASON: late 20s – early 30s; Connie’s devoted grandson; serious; ambitious; determined; Comparable to Jason Patric


MARGE: 60s; Connie’s friend; attentive; friendly; concerned; comparable to Jane Wyatt  


POLICE OFFICER: 40s; observant; direct; comparable to Joel McCrea


Monday, June 17

A Creature Unparalleled

By Carole Thompson



A teacher at an exclusive Manhattan prep school at the start of the year 2000 is preparing for a Martin Luther King Day assembly. She casts a white child to play Martin Luther King and a black child to play John F.  Kennedy. All hell breaks loose


Character Breakdown

LIANNE POINTER: 36, artistic director of the exclusive Hollis Holbrooke School, black


ROBERT VELOSIN: 39, head of the school’s diversity program, white


DARNICE COLEMAN: 28, music teacher, black


BEVERLEIGH PEMBERTON NEALE: 73, headmaster, white


VIOLA CHARLES: 33, headmaster’s secretary, black


KITTY VAN PELT: 63, president, board of trustees, white


RICHARD SELBY: 56, board member, black


MATTHEW (“Umberto”) PILGRIM: 14, a student from Harlem, black


JENNY PILGRIM: 12, his sister, also a student from Harlem, black


TYREECE MALIK LITTLE: 15, another student from Harlem, black


CHRISTOPHER (“Chip”) BURTON: 15, prep school student, white


EMILY CRABBE: 13, prep school student, white