November 16 – December 15, 1984

Production Staff

Producer Jos Cohen
Director John R. Cramer
Music Director Peggy Skorupsky
Choreographer TJ Moskalski
Set Design David White
Lighting Design Chip Hoever
Costume Design and Coordination Barbara Freeman, Karen Preuss
Special Costume Design David White
Stage Mangers Lois Altschul, Jill Kutler
Lighting and Sound Coordinator Mike Cohen
Master Builder Jos Cohen
Stage Crew Henriette Cohen, Heidi Altschul
Lighting Crew Mike Cohen, Bill Glazener, Barbara Fischbein
Scenic Decorator David White
Make Up Design Joanne King
Set Construction Howard Altschul, Jos Cohen, James Fitzgerald Jr., James Fitzgerald Sr., Ron Goldman, Richard Granville, Bill Jamieson, David White, the Villagers
Hair Styles Nance
Program Ronnie Schapow
Publicity Rosylin Gerkin
Box Office Vivian Lazzara
Photography Steve Goodman


The Cast

Leading Player Dudley Da-Silva Engram
Pippin Steven Shepard
Charles, his father Greg Weber
Lewis, his half-brother Nick Pelino
Fastrada, Lewis’ mother Vicki Tripodo
Berthe, Pippin’s grandmother Dorothea Digrius
Catherine, a widow Kim White
Theo, her son Brian Fischbein
The Players Ellen Aaronson, Edwardo Bontempo, Diane Damanski, Sharon Dunn, Barbara Liddy, Alice D. Longo, TJ Moskalski, Joe Stanton, Rob Waring, Gordon Weiner, David White

The Orchestra

Piano Peggy Skorupsky
Synthesizer Janet Miles
Electric & Acoustic Guitars Mark Burgess
Bass John Dowbachuck
Percussion Sheryl Caswel
Flute & Clarinet Russell Murray


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