Olympus On My Mind

Olympus On My Mind

February 28 – March 29, 1992

Production Staff

Producer Iris Green, Mary Henning
Director Nick Pelino, Jr.
Musical Director Ann Marie Cerciello
Costume Design Fred P. Sorrentino
Set Design Fred P. Sorrentino
Lighting Design Joe Ondre, Jr.
Stage Manager Beth Schroeder
Assistant Stage Manager Nathan Busch
Assistant to the Lighting Designer Scott Kincel
Hair Stylist Don Olah
Lighting Technician Dot Steffen
Makeup Artist Jodi M. Kaufman
Program Michael McCaughey, Jackie McCausland, Anne Welby
Props Rosie Myres
Set Construction Fred P. Sorrentino
Spot Light Operators Rosie Myres, Jill Alpert, Mike paternoster
Stage Crew Rich Chouinard, Atlanta Rogalli


The Cast

The Chorus  
Tom Edwardo Bontempo
Dick Ray Dobrovolsky
Horace Michael Monaco
Delores Kate Nasser
Jupiter Bob Bales
Mercury Thom Hammond
Charis Cheryl Federico
Alcmene Deborah Allison
Sosia John Graf, Jr.
Amphitryon George Spelvin


The Orchestra

Conductor/Piano Ann Marie Cerciello
Keyboards Scott Van Hovan, Marilyn Fiordaliso, Gregg Schubert
Percussion Sheryl Caswell




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