Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

Production Staff

Director Tony Adase
Stage Manager Sandy Adase
Set Construction Chris Mattaliano, Karl Schroeder, Sr., Bill Gorelick, Bill Jamieson, Jeff Landis
Set Design Ronald Platt, Richard Barringer, Bill Jamieson
Set Decoration Pat Marotta
Lighting Paul Labbe
Sound Chris Mattaliano
Photography Paul Labbe
Refreshments Missie Godwin
Box Office Vivian Lazzara , Betty Brown, Marion Mangano
Program Barbara Berkowitz
Publicity Bernie Valenchik
Costume Coordinator Audrey Dallam
Props Debbie Adase, Mary Jo Schnatter


The Cast

George Richard Barranger
Lennie Ronald Platt
Candy Karl H. Schroeder
The Boss George Cox
Curley Jay Leve
Curley’s Wife Carter Milito
Slim Bill Smith
Carlson William Gorelick
Whit Mike Lebed
Crooks Leon Russell


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