Lost in Yonkers

Lost in Yonkers

November 17 – December 10, 1995


Production Staff

Producer Sandy Gray, Iris Green
Director Richard G. Baker
Lighting Design Joe Ondre, Jr.
Set Design Gordon Danieli
Costume Design Camille Cusimano
Sound Design Jon Ballek
Stage Manager Stephanie Simons
Lighting Technician Dot Steffen
Assistants to the Lighting Designer Eric Bovie, Scott Kincel
Sound Technician Vincent Giordano
Stage Crew Marie Fiorello, Roz Wroblewski
Props Ellen Cleary
Assistnat to the Costume Designer Joan Tietjen
Box Office Bernice Woldman
Sign Language Interpreter Kathy Basilotto
Concessionaires/Ushers The Friends of theVillagers
Set Construction/Painters Rich Backer, Eric Bovie, Michael Calderone, Gordon Danieli, Bill and Terry Jamieson
Lobby Photography John-Eric Steiger
Program Haver Associates, Inc.


The Cast

Uncle Louie Michael J. Calderone
Jay Kurnitz James Fiorello
Eddie Jerry Marino, Jr.
Bella Catherine Rowe
Grandma Kurnitz Alice Schafer
Arty Kurnitz Bryan M. Siegel
Aunt Gert Sally A. Vagias


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