Little Me

Little Me

November 1 – November 24, 1996

Production Staff

Producers Iris Green, Mary Henning
Director Jim Neil
Musical Director Jim Sabo
Choreographer Angel Pereira
Set Design Gordon Danieli
Sound Design Jon Ballek
Costume Coordinator Camille Cusimano
Stage Manger Joann Clarke-Stein
Hair Design Nance
Props Kristin Barber
Assistant Stage Manager Ed Vawter
Assistant to the Choreographer Denise Girona Fernandez
Dance Captain Karin Hein
Dressers Joan Tietjen, Carolyn McCaffrey, Marie Fiorello, Rob Rabidaux, Ellen Cleary, Annette Vawter, Roz Wroblewski, Jackie McCausland
Backstage Crew Barbara Gianotto, Christine Whalen
Lighting Board Operator Dot Steffan
Sound Operator Patrick Gianotto


The Cast

Belle Poitrine Pat Powers
Young Belle Sharon Coyle
Noble Eggleston, Pinchley, Val Du Val, Fred Poitrine, Otto Schnitzler, Prince Cherny & Noble Junior Paul O’Connor
Momma, Mrs. Eggleston, Collette Dinise Girona Fernandez
Bernie Bushsbaum, Brucey, Victor, Preacher Michael Monte
Benny Bushsbaun, Klegg, General, Freud, Dr. Butler Jeffrey Dworkin
George Musgrove Greg Brooks
Patrick Dennis Christian Smith
Steward and Lackey Patrick Bridge
Nurse and Showgirl Danielle Fiorello
Newsboy and Soldier James Fiorello
Belle’s Boy & Assistant Director JC Gibriano
Ramona and Swing Karin Hein
Testifying Woman and Swing Kim Mann
Miss Kepplewhtie and Secretary Tara Solovany
Belle’s Boy, Junion, Sergeant, Captain, Yulnick, King Adrian Stein


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