How the Other Half Loves

How the Other Half Loves

Production Staff

Director Bill Jamieson
Producer Stan Pearlman
Stage Manager Jeanee Johnson
Set Design Bill Jamieson
Set Construction Supervisor Ernest Lazzara
Lighting & Sound Engineer Gary Smoke
Lighting & Sound Technician Ed Smoot
Properties Dot Pearce
Props Assistant Beth Pearlman
Program Cover Kethy Wenk
Program Warren Erhardt
Photographer Steve Goodman
Publicity Terry jamieson
Box Office Vivian Lazzara
Art Gallery Alyce Joyce
House Manager Shari Upbin
Set Construction Coordinator Chuck Warren
Set Crew Bill Jamieson, Ruth Melchiorre, Stan Pearlamn, Phyllis Donato, Bill Gorelick, Ernest lazzara, Gary Smoke, Don Aaronson, Ed Smoot, Dave Shreve, Bob Jamieson, Frank Stropoli, Chuck Downing, Eric Pearlman

The Cast

Fiona Foster Terry Jamieson
Teresa Phillips Joan Romeo
Frank Foster Murray Greenberg
Bob Phillips Milt Keiles
William Detweiler Gary Levin
Mary Detweiler Mary Ellen Ivers

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