Five Guys Named Moe

Five Guys Named Moe

New Jersey Premiere

August 2 – August 25, 1996

Production Staff

Producer Kevin J. Gray
Director A. Curtis Farrow
Choreographer A. Curtis Farrow
Musical Director Radam Schwartz
Set Design Bill Jamieson
Lighting Design Alan Levine
Costume Design Ron Lucas
Sound Design Jon Ballek
Stage Manger Mike Costag
Assistant Director Inger Berton
Vocal Arrangements Drew
Set Construction Bill Jamieson, Jos Cohen
Creative Consultant Janet Cantore-Watson
Sound Operators Jon Ballek, Vincent Giordano
Lighting Technician Dot Steffen
Props Kristen Barber
Assistant Lighting Designer Eric Bovie
Assistant Costume Designer Courtney Giles
Box Office Managers Bernice Woldman, Jackie McCausland
Concessionaires/Ushers Friends of the Villagers


The Cast

Nomax Gerron Atkinson
No Moe Drrick L. Baker
Big Moe A. Curtis Farrow
Little Moe Marc Savant
Four Eyed Moe Ron Lucas
Eat Moe Carlos Monteagudo
Announcer/Understudy Andre Brown


The Orchestra

Musical Director, Piano Radam Schwartz
Assistant Musical Director, Trumpet James Gibbs III
Piano Rodney Marfil
Reeds Anthony Nelson, Jr., Alex Stein
Drums Joe Brown, Jr., Greg Enverso
Bass Thaddeus Hammond


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