January 16 – February 15, 1981

Production Staff

Producer Beverly Gorelick
Director Pat Arvonio
Set Design Bill Jamieson
Lighting Design Jim Rinere
Stage Manager and Properties Pepper Wilson
Asst Stage Manager and Sound Beth Uporsky
Lighting Tom Wolke, Aaron Sapiro, Barbara Stern
Coreographer Barbara Klausner
Publicity Sue Avent
Advertising AMS Advertising Inc.  NYC
Program Cover Art Jack Freas
Box Office Vivian Lazzara
Set Construction Howard Altschul, Don Aaronson, Jim Fitzgerald, Bill Gorelick, Bill Jamieson, Terry Jamieson, Ernie Lazzara, Ron Schapow, Stan Pearlman, Bill Hepolt
Equus Publicity Photographs Harry Rubel
Horses’ Heads Jim Fitzgerald


The Cast

Martin Dysart Warren Erhardt
Alan Strang Philip Bramson
Nurs Barbara Klausner
Hester Salomon Terry Jamieson
Frank Strang Tom Waters
Dora Strang Marion Waters
Horseman/Nugget Bob Lyons
Harry Dalton Bill Jamieson
Jill Mason Paula Sydor
Horses Jim Fitzgerald, Richard Payne, Ralph Henning


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