Drop Dead

Drop Dead

December 20 – December 31, 1991

Production Staff

Producer Jeffrey M. Babey, Art Neill
Director Art Neill
Lighting Design Rob Nowicki
Set Design Swedish Boodie
Costume Design Rita Boodie
Sound Design Alan Semok
Scenic Artist Vern Smith
Set Construction Jeff Babey, Art Neill, Shirl Gower, Glenn Merberg
Props Kristin Barber
Stage Manager Shirl Gower
Assistant Stage Manager Glenn Merberg
Program Jeff Babey, E. Michael McCaughey, Jackie McCausland


The Cast

Chaz Looney, as “Drools the Butler” Andrew Varela
Candy Apples, as “Penelope” Karen Pierson
Brent Reynolds, as “Alexander Barrington” Lou Corato
Victor Le Pewe Sal Borruso
Dick Shalit, as “Inspector Mounds” Jeff Dworkin
Mona Monet, as “Bette” Jackie Neill
Philip Jim Morgan
Miss Constance Crawford, as “Lady Barrington” Lynn Davis
Sol Weisenheimer Alan Semok
Alabama Miller Charles F. Wagner IV


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