Dealer’s Choice

Dealer’s Choice

A Drama by Patrick Marber

Directed by Sara Peters

February 13-28, 2004

Dealer’s Choice by Patrick Marber is “a neat…comic drama that gives its talented players ample opportunity to outbid one another.” -Variety.

Dealers Choice is as much about life as it is about poker. Stephen runs a restaurant and has a weekly poker game in the basement. He enjoys playing for big money, and it’s not unusual for the waiters to lose their paychecks, or more, each week. One of the waiters, Mugsy-a chronic loser, but a loser who refuses to give up-wants to start a restaurant of his own. He needs a loan, and thinks Stephen will give it to him since he intends to go into business with Stephen’s son, Carl. But Carl doesn’t want any part of a restaurant, and prefers to gamble away whatever money Stephen gives him.

One night, Ash, a professional gambler, shows up at the restaurant and threatens to kill Carl if he doesn’t pay up the $4,000 he owes. Instead of asking his father for money again, he invites Ash to play poker with the guys, knowing he’ll clean them out. At this high-stakes game, one by one the waiters drop out and father and son come to learn they have more in common than they thought.