Never Too Late

Never Too Late September 9 – September 25, 1966 Production Staff Producer Joe Sarro Director Frank Edgar Stage Manager Carmen Sarro Assistant Stage Manager Joe Ciroco Book Manager Midge Jamieson Props Ruth Kadish, Louis Tango, Flo Noskay Set Design Fred Goldsmith, Bob Jamieson Lighting Design Paul Labbe Lighting Paul Labbe, David Silver, Dick Van Zandt, … Read more

Come Back, Little Sheba

Come Back, Little Sheba July 15 – July 31, 1966 Production Staff Producer Joe Sarro Director Saunder Finard Stage Manager Helen Stripp Production Committee Ernie Lazzara, Bob Jamieson, Bill Jamieson, Joe Sarro, David Silver, Charles Mirra, Bruce Mirra Lights Jennifer Alman, Mark Fine, David Silver Sound Elliott Glickman, Arnold Peters, Bruce Mirra Props Carol Michaels … Read more

The Fantasticks

The Fantasticks June 17 – July 4, 1966 Production Staff Producer Elliot Glickman Director Edmund Shaff Music Director Faye Kearny Stage Manager Kathleen Birdsey Assistant Stage Manager Diana Wienchoski Costumes Terry Landy Lights Jennifer Allman, Roy Glickman Set Design and Construction Ernest Lazzara, Bill Jamieson, Bob Jamieson, Dick Van Zandt, Joe Sarro Publicity Mae Yanowitz … Read more

The Country Girl

The Country Girl May 27 – June 12, 1966 Production Staff General Production Consultant Vivian Lazzara Director Jack Romano Stage Manager Ernest Lazzara Assistant Stage Manager Jacqueline Bouchard Lights Jennifer Allman, Skip Mayberry Sound Elliott Glickman Props Mae Yanowitz, Richard Van Zandt Script Girl Lois Silverman Set Design Bill Jamieson Set Building Committee Ernest Lazzara, … Read more

The Tiger and Fragments

The Tiger and Fragments May 13 – May 14, 1966 Production Staff Producer Director – The Tiger Harry Rubel Director – Fragments Edmond Le Comte, Saunder Finard Stage Manager Bill Gioie General Production Manager Ernie Lazzara Lighting Skip Mayberry, Jennnifer Allman Set Design Bill Jamieson The Tiger The Tiger The Tiger Victor Torrisi The Girl Irene Rosenberg … Read more